What 21st Century Looks Like

It's 21st Century. And yet the 17 year old Nausheen , from Kolkata is told not to touch anyone else when she is on her periods.

It's 21st Century. And yet Mausam was disowned by her family for marrying a boy. Who was not from her caste. Three days later, Mausam and her husband are killed in a supposed car crash. A truck rammed them to death in Broad Daylight.

It's 21st Century. Binni Aunty doesn't fail to call out the 5 year old Mukesh for Crying when he falls down. He is not Man enough.

It is 21st Century. Girls around the Country have curfew for their hostels. The Boys roam free.

It is 21st Century. Pride Parades? Gays? Chaaakeee.... Aaccha? So Sheila loves Munni? Wah!

It is 21st Century. Purinder is told he was wrong to call the police. Why? Sameer was just joking when he sexually assaulted him. While Purinder Screamed No.

It is 21st Century. Piya is told to shut up. Because he was her boyfriend. Him groping her kissing her. Penetrating her without her consent was his right.

It is 21st Century.

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